Putting World Fiction On The Map 

Footnotes for Advertisers

You have a new international or bame author and/or a book to promote and need to connect with influencers. Perhaps you`re doing just fine connecting with influencers but perhaps need to connect outside your geographic area. Maybe you`re doing just fine thank you very much but like any book marketer, budgetary constraints are impacting on your plans. 

Event Organiser
You have an event coming up and you've done all you can do beforehand. You've booked the venue booked the posters, made some calls. You`re good like that... You need now to get seats filled and need to connect with that niche audience.

You are recently published BAME  or translated fiction author. Congratulations ! Now youre probably thinking the hard work actually starts here ! You need your book out there, reviewed , talked about and connecting with influencers and it needs to happen quickly and effectively and  oh some book sales would be nice because it`s time you got the literary recognition and pay-back. After all you`ve earned it after all your hard work.

Literary Translation Course Organisers
You are a course organiser. The course start- date looms large and it`s a new course aimed at literary translators. Sure you`ve done the Facebook thing and like all advertising, free doesn`t necessarily  mean  free and effective or indeed targeted and may be time to try something new.

Globooks offers a 360 degree solution in allowing you to engage with a captive and targeted audience through a newsletter web portal and sponsored bookclub review sessions with The Books Without Borders Bookclub.

We can add value to your marketing plan by enabling you to connect with a targeted niche audience ! 

There are three simple modules;

-  Website banners

- Targeted newsletter

-  Basic Sponsored Book review

-   Premium Sponsored Book review

Full Media Kit 2019 available upon request

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